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If someone builds borders, it’s because they want to protect themselves. But what from? Do borders offer protection from “the others”, or are we not instead producing “the other” by creating boundaries in the first place?


Late Night

This is my Blood

Body Luggage

House of Open Gates

Guided Tour “Demarcations”

Sat 01/10, 14.00 – 17.00

Meeting point: <rotor>

In German, Turkish, Kurdish, English and Arabic language

2,50 € / 1,50 € per participant

No reservation is necessary.


Themed guided tour “Demarcations”

Kunsthaus Graz

2,50 € / 1,50 € per participant

Entrance fees are not included.
No reservation is necessary.


Sun 02/10, 15.30

German and English language


Tue 04/10, 11.00

German language


Workshop “Borderline”

Dates on appointment

3 € per participant

Information and registration:

Only man-made borders create states, nations and thus groups in which everyone speaks the same language, celebrates communal religious festivals, finds similar music harmonious, and sees shaking hands as friendly. Boundaries are always an act of will and action, an act of community that creates personal and collective identity/identities.

Is our need for demarcation intensified, for example, when we join a new class or school or even go to a different country? What borders are important to you? What borders do you want to overcome? Many artists have asked themselves these questions and focus their work on the possibilities of drawing borders with reference to their identities, their bodies, their nations or their cultures.



Guided Tour “Demarcations”

Meeting point: < rotor >

“New Graz” < rotor > 
“Seismography of the Indefinite” the smallest gallery
“World's Flavor” Kunsthalle Graz

Under the overall theme of “Demarcations”, the aim of this tour is to get an initial, carefully chosen impression of the exhibitions at < rotor >, the smallest gallery, and Kunsthalle Graz. What borders had to be overcome to arrive in a “New Graz”? We will also be discussing what boundaries permit a “Seismography of the Indefinite” in the first place, and whether the “World's Flavor” can be limited.



Themed guided tour “Demarcations”

“Body Luggage” Kunsthaus Graz / Space02



Workshop “Borderline”

Borders between countries, borders in people’s minds, personal boundaries: there are so many borders. Feeling borders, crossing borders, shifting or even cancelling borders, but also respecting borders and boundaries. That’s what the “Demarcations” workshop is all about. Young people explore everyday boundaries – political borders, cultural borders or personal boundaries. Coming up against boundaries is a challenge, it can be scary, and it can be an opportunity if you manage to overcome them. Often enough, boundaries are in people’s minds, and then it’s a matter of rethinking things in order to get ahead. A boundary experience in the form of a workshop around the Seggauberg.

Guided tour “Demarcations” in cooperation with JUKUS