Markus Krottendorfer (AT)

At New Moon Tomorrow

Visual arts

Markus Krottendorfer documents scenes of a Eurocentric description of the world, meandering between archaeology and invention of the world.


Culture as a matter of opinion

Talking Art

A mountain range in West Africa that was “discovered” at the end of the 18th century, but which vanished from maps by 1905 if not earlier – thus never really existing – is the starting point of research for Markus Krottendorfer’s documentary journey. A similar story about how we construct maps and histories ourselves is told by a skull discovered in East Sussex in 1912 that was thought to prove that modern man evolved in Europe. It was exposed as a forgery in 1953. Two seemingly unconnected incidents, nevertheless belonging to a common history that tells of power and sovereignty over interpretation.

Camera Austria presents a newly produced project by Markus Krottendorfer, who recurrently examines the history of projections of the world and world views, revisiting utopias and exploring their ramified effects in the present. He experiments with new and historical techniques and media, thus engaging in a kind of archaeology of images and their meanings.

For ”At New Moon Tomorrow” , Markus Krottendorfer travels to scenes of a Eurocentric description of the world. By operating in the realm between research and documentation on the one hand, and exaggeration, deception and manipulation on the other, he also raises fundamental questions of documentary work today.

Co-produced by steirischer herbst, Camera Austria