Kneaded Knowledge

The Language of Ceramics

Visual arts

Together with artists Ai Weiwei and Edmund de Waal, Kunsthaus Graz focuses on a material long attributed to the realm of handicraft: Ceramics.



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24/09/2016 – 19/02/2017

Kunsthaus Graz / Space01
Tue – Sat 10.00 – 17.00

9 €


Opening Sat 24/09, 12.00


With Lynda Benglis (US), Alison Britton (UK), Hans Coper (UK), Edmund de Waal (UK), Lucio Fontana (IT), Asger Jorn (DK), Kasimir Malewitsch (RU), Fausto Melotti (IT), Joan Miró (ES), Isamu Noguchi (US), Pablo Picasso (ES), Lucie Rie (UK), Marit Tingleff (NO), Peter Voulkos (US), Ai Weiwei (CN)

Curated by Peter Pakesch (AT)


Talking Art

Tue 11/10, 16.00

Kunsthaus Graz / Space01

Participation free

Excludes entrance fee Kunsthaus Graz

Some of the earliest artworks were ceramics. The modern age in Europe was characterised by an insatiable desire for Chinese porcelain that would fetch top prices. Be they containers for everyday use or artworks – from time immemorial ceramics would travel the globe, uniting civilisations that knew little of each other. Long regarded as high art, the medium had a tough time in the recent ages, with ceramic art being put in second place as craftwork.

Today we are increasingly being confronted with this material as the focus falls on recent Asian art and as artistic practice continues to open up. The exhibition “Kneaded Knowledge” in Space01 at Kunsthaus Graz takes a special look at the changes of a medium that has challenged our imagination for long periods: From olden times to nowadays.

Two outstanding artists who devote great attention to this material, Ai Weiwei and Edmund de Waal, act as curatorial and artistic partners for the show. For “Kneaded Knowledge” they join Peter Pakesch to engage in a dialogue on the handling of ceramics across times and cultures. Naturally, their own works also feature at the exhibition – alongside prominent figures and important historical material.

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