Morag Myerscough & Luke Morgan (GB)

Open Wide

Markers for the Arrival Zone

Architecture / Installation / Visual arts
Graz / Arrival Zone

Artist duo Morag Myerscough and Luke Morgan from London, create architectural markers for the 2016 steirischer herbst Arrival Zone in Graz’s Annenviertel district.


Arrival Zone

House of Open Gates

New Graz

Garden State

Welcome to the former West

herbst Academy 2016

Big Draw Graz


24/09 – 16/10

Arrival Zone, Orpheum & Volksgarten-Pavillon
Mon – Sun 00.00 – 24.00

Admission free


Opening Sat 24/09, 18.00

Arrive. Stay. Depart. Return. Become visible. Like hardly any other district, the Annenviertel is characterised by the coming and going of people of different origins. A suburb of Graz on the River Mur, even centuries ago the area, comprising what are today the districts of Gries and Lend, offered people easier conditions for settling away from the middle-class city centre. Today, Graz is Austria’s fastest growing conurbation – an “Arrival City”, as Doug Saunders describes it in his book of the same name.

In “Open Wide”, Myerscough and Morgan install marks in urban space that highlight the cultural diversity in this part of the city. Involving over 100 people from Graz and giving them a sense of belonging and ownership, they will generate a new language of patterns for the steirischer herbst venues. From the Orpheum, this year’s temporary site for club panamur, a web of gates, flags, patterns and symbols span an area extending right into the Volksgarten, running across Volksgartenstraße with Julian Hetzel’s “Schuldfabrik”, < rotor > and the Volksgarten Pavilion, that will be transformed into a “House of Open Gates” for the duration of the festival, emphasising the value in collaboration and communication.

Everyone is invited to get actively involved and question their own ideas: What colours or patterns do we read as Arabic, British, Indian, Russian, Styrian or African? And what happens when these allocations suddenly stop working? With the aid of temporary meeting places the aim is to engage in a colourful, playful and irreverent celebration of a part of urban space in Graz, that left behind the compulsion to follow dominant culture and homeland clichés long ago.

By and with Luke Morgan, Morag Myerscough

Commissioned by steirischer herbst
Project sponsors Steirischer Verband Selbstständig Wirtschaftstreibender, Industriellenvereinigung Steiermark

Morag Myerscough & Luke Morgan (UK)

Designer and artist Morag Myerscough founded the London-based studio myerscough in 1993. She studied at the Royal College of Art before working as an illustrator and freelance artist. Myerscough founded her own studio in 1993. In the years following its foundation, studio myerscough has become one of the UK’s most productive and well-known artist collectives, with expressive power and vitality being the defining characteristics of their works. Installation artist, painter and musician Luke Morgan is also a member of studio myerscough. After studying at the Central School for Art and Design in London, Morgan went on to work as a designer, his works going on show at the Tate Gallery, among other venues, and as singer of the band The Highliners. Myerscough and Morgan also founded the loose-knit artist collective Supergrouplondon in 2010.