Bratstvo i Jedinstvo

[Fraternity and Unity] – In Times of Deregulation

Visual arts


Willkommen in der Europaschutzzone

12/10 – 30/10

Haus der Architektur
Tue – Sun 10.00 – 18.00

Admission free


Opening Wed 12/10, 19.00


With Kollektiv Brossmann Stachl (RS), ILA (AT), Inicijativa Ne da(vi)mo Beograd (Don’t let Belgrade d(r)own) – Iva Čukić (RS), Luka Knеžević Strika (RS) & Jelena Miji (RS), Ursula Kiesling (AT), Kommando Anonymous Schwarzes Sonntag Reininghaus (AT), Jelena Mijić (RS), Branislav Nikolić (RS) Norbert Prettenthaler (AT), Erwin Stefanie Posarnig (AT), Milica Ružičić (RS), Milica Tomić

Curated by Michael Petrowitsch (AT)

When steirischer herbst was founded some fifty years ago the term Trigon was coined to refer to the artistic dialogue between Yugoslavia, Austria and Italy. Following the disintegration of Yugoslavia it has come to be characterised by increasing deregulation. The “Bratstvo i Jedinstvo” exhibition sets out to trace these processes of transformation, including a number of Austrian and Serbian positions dealing with urban planning projects and the ensuing – or missing – forms of discussion or even protest. How do dynamic processes influence cities such as Belgrade and Graz? And how do recent tendencies such as the walling up of borders affect a geographical area that has, until now, defined itself as an open community?

EPeKA Austria in collaboration with Haus der Architektur