Art education as field research between yesterday and tomorrow

It’s no surprise that discussions this year, also in art, are being dominated by an issue which preoccupies us all more than ever before: old Europe and its relationship to the rest of the world. This year’s leitmotif “We can do this. On the shifting of cultural maps” deliberately recalls a phrase used by Angela Merkel, in turn quoting Barack Obama, or was it Bob the Builder? – a naive and fateful statement perhaps, but one which hints at the potential utopian content of Europe: a community of democratic states guaranteeing the basic values of peaceful human coexistence. And one which together finds ways of meeting the challenges of the day in a pragmatic manner not driven by fear.

Of course, this struggle for possible answers and livable possibilities is not only a matter of concern in art, but also in our everyday life and therefore our teaching. In this spirit we would like to invite you and your students to take advantage of steirischer herbst and its productions as an extended, sensory, challenging, alternative venue for learning and discussion. We have split our programme into three main themes, selecting the most exciting productions that provide the best material for use in lessons.

Titled “Grenzziehungen”(drawing borders), you will find a range of exhibitions and plays dealing with aspects of national/social/cultural migration and – as the title indicates – the drawing of borders. We also offer the opportunity of working at the “Grenzgang” workshop around Schloss Seggau together with the association Panthersie für Europa.

“Kultur als Ansichtssache”(culture as a matter of opinion), in turn, focuses on productions that question to what extent our values, ideologies and world views influence the way we perceive things. The “Kulturelle Brille” (cultural spectacles) workshop held by the Sozialprofil association takes a deeper look at this by asking questions about common codes and rules. We will also be happy to organise cross-border experiences with a Slovene class.

The “Ausdrücklichkeiten”(expressivities) programme includes those works that provide new approaches to the investigation of communication – between generations, cultures, languages and systems. If you and your class would like to work on communication and translatability beyond smartphones and WhatsApp, we recommend the “Drück dich aus!” (express yourself) workshop with the DruckZeug association.

We will also be pleased to provide you with teaching materials for preparation and follow-up or visit you to present the festival and its programme.

In this spirit, let us experience, question and enjoy the steirischer herbst festival together. We can do this.

Veronica Kaup-Hasler
and the public programme team



Contact and Information:
Elke Murlasits
p +43 664 24 500 90



„Provokation" and „Experiment" - two short films 

For more than forty years, steirischer herbst has been inviting people to explore contemporary art, challenging the public by asking awkward questions or leaving behind familiar patterns of perception. A journey from the beginnings of the festival to the present day in a few minutes.
For further information, please contact Elke Murlasits: / p +43 664 24 500 90.


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