Natalie Ofenböck & Der Nino aus Wien (AT)

Das grüne Album

[The Green Album]

Viennese Journey through Styria

Music / Literature
Leibnitz / Graz / Allerheiligen bei Wildon / Leutschach

On their musical tour of town and country, Natalie Ofenböck and Der Nino aus Wien combine Styrian and Viennese sounds – an album like a road movie.


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Album release

Fri 30/09, 22.00

Marenzikeller Leibnitz

8 €


Sat 01/10, from 21.30

Orpheum Extra

8 €


Followed by Sir Tralala, DJ (AT)


Fri 07/10, 19.30

Heurigenschank Fedl
Allerheiligen bei Wildon

8 €


Followed by a Styrian folk session


Sat 08/10, 19.30

Kniely Haus Leutschach

8 €


Followed by Favela Gold, DJ (AT)

Styria and Vienna are worlds apart. But what exactly are the differences? To find out, Natalie Ofenböck and Nino Mandl, aka Der Nino aus Wien, have set out on a tour of Styria. After some memorable experiences between Mariazell and Spielfeld, the two have created a good dozen songs, inspired by wine tasting, visits to cake shops and churches, coffee shops in shopping centres at the border, and conversations with mayors, drunks and others.

Borrowing from traditional folk music, Ofenböck and Mandl have invited Styrian musicians to accompany them on the Styrian button accordion, tuba and dulcimer. The familiar rock’n’rollers from Vienna, with whom they have been collaborating for years, also contribute to the unique sound of the CD. In the liner notes Natalie Ofenböck has documented impressions and moments in poetic illustrations. Who triumphs: The beautiful hills of southern Styria or the black heart of the grey buildings of Vienna? Simmering or Semmering?

City meets country, shy meets affable, clichés meet truth content. A tour of Styria as a journey through the self and a homecoming. The journey can be experienced at steirischer herbst when Natalie Ofenböck and Der Nino aus Wien present their Styrian-Viennese songs live in four concerts – in varying line-ups, but never without the Styrian accordion.

”Das grüne Album” is available at the herbst shop.

Vocals, text, composition and illustration Natalie Ofenböck (AT)
Vocals, text and composition Nino Mandl (AT)

Commissioned by steirischer herbst

Natalie Ofenböck & Der Nino aus Wien (AT)

Nino Mandl, born in Vienna in 1987, works as a musician and poet under the pseudonym ”Der Nino aus Wien”. He presented the first of eight studio albums, ”The Ocelot Show”, in 2008. In 2011 Mandl joined the musician, poet and illustrator Natalie Ofenböck, born in Vienna in 1987, to found the band ”Krixi, Kraxi und die Kroxn”, publishing their first and so far only album ”Die Gegenwart hängt uns schon lange zum Hals heraus” the same year. The duo’s next collaboration followed one year later, the audio book ”Fräulein Gustl” based on writings of Arthur Schnitzler. Pieces from the latest musical collaboration of Ofenböck and Mandl – ”The Green Album” – were presented at steirischer herbst in 2015.