Slavs and Tatars

I Utter Other

Theory / Discourse / Performance

On the eve of the 2016 herbst conference, Slavs and Tatars' lecture performance questions orientalism in the orient.


Welcome to the former West

herbst Academy 2016

Garden State

Fri 07/10, 19.30


Admission free

What does it mean for one east to look to and at another one? Can
 the romanticised romanticise? From Poles in the service of the Tsar 
to Persian Presbyterians, the lecture performance “I Utter Other” looks at the curious case of Slavic Orientalism in the Russian Empire and early USSR as well as its German origins. Offering a crucial counterpoint to the received wisdom of Saidian Orientalism, the study of the “East in the East” complicates notions of identity politics, knowledge in the service of power and the secularisation of scholarship for a coherent postcolonial critique some sixty years avant la lettre.