plan b (GB/DE)

herbst fragments

If a city could tell a story of its festival...

Documentation / Meeting point

01/01/2016 – ∞

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With stories by Peter Ablinger, Anne Schulz, Emil Breisach, Doris Psenicnik, Eva Maria Hofer, Erika Lackner, Werner Fenz, Florian Malzacher, Franziska Stiger, Christine Frisinghelli, Sylvia Mascher, Karl Grünling, Hannes Rinnerhofer, Manfred Goger, Herwig Höller, Fritz Ostermayer, Alfred Kolleritsch, Krista Moosboeck, Florian Geßler, Christian Klein, Anna Katharina Laggner, Anton Lederer, Lisa Stroembeck, Marten Spangberg, Sylvia Mascher, Norbert Nestler, Friederike Nestler-Rebeau, Fritz Ostermayer, Andreas R. Peternell, Karin Polanz, Reini Urban, Sabine Achleitner, Siegmar Zacharias, Sigrid Lutz-Weiss, Dieter Spath, Helmut Strobl, Thiemo Waltensdorfer, Peter Vujica, Warren Neidich, Peter Wolf, Annika Strassmair, Hans Peter Weingand, Heimo Halbreiner, Hermine Grabner de Luca, Maria Motter, Marcus Bogensberger, Stacy Bartsch, Tiz Schaffer, Valentin Hasler & Astrid Kury

“herbst fragments” is an Android and iPhone app that not only gives users access to more than 100 interview excerpts, but also to original audio recordings related to projects in public space that have been carried out in Graz since the foundation of steirischer herbst in 1967.

Walking around the city, it is now possible to listen to voices from the past – specific to your current location, of course. On one corner the app tells of a woman walking down the road covered in a sticky mess of human hair and honey. On another, of an artist who opened his trousers and sent up rockets. And was there really a man dressed up as Hitler standing on a step-ladder in Mariahilferstraße?

Concept plan b (Sophia New & Daniel Belasco Rogers)
Research, interviews und editing Anna-Katharina Laggner, Johann Puntigam
App design und programming Sebastian Dressler, Peter Vasil

Project sponsor GEODATA Group