steirischer herbst Opening Party

Dorit Chrysler & Infecticide

Meeting point / Music

The opening night of steirischer herbst does not end with the final applause for “The Night of the Moles (Welcome to Caveland!)” but with the last notes of the subsequent opening party.


The Night of the Moles (Welcome to Caveland!)

club panamur

Fri 23/09, 22.30

Helmut List Halle

Admission free


With Dorit Chrysler (US/AT), Infecticide (FR)

As soon as the applause for “The Night of the Moles (Welcome to Caveland!)” has faded away, the opening of steirischer herbst 2016 enters its second stage with the annual opening party. Graz and New York-based artist Dorit Chrysler joins Thomas Suire, who appears as a “mole” in the opening production, and his trio Infecticide for a unique opening concert: Electropunk meets experimental pop, in a perfect coupling centred around the theremin, a cult instrument played without physical contact. Thogether, the four will embark on a genre-bending musical journey, which promises to be as diverse as it will be entertaining.