doxs & shorts

Festival films on tour in Styria

A film programme for young people aged 13+

Graz / Leutschach / Gleisdorf / Weiz / Bad Radkersburg / Feldbach / Leibnitz / Kapfenberg

The three festivals steirischer herbst, Diagonale and doxs! and the One World Filmclubs project have joined forces in order to present an overview of their films to a wider public of young people.

19/09 – 23/09



19/09 – 23/09, 8.30, 11.00 & 15.00

Schubertkino Graz


Mon 19/09, 08.30 & 11.00

Dieselkino Gleisdorf


Tue 20/09, 08.30 & 11.00

Dieselkino Kapfenberg


Tue 20/09, 08.30 & 11.00

Volkshaus Weiz


Wed 21/09, 08.30 & 11.00

Dieselkino Leibnitz


Wed 21/09, 08.30 & 11.00

Kino Feldbach


Thu 22/09, 08.30 & 11.00

Kniely Haus Leutschach


Fri 23/09, 08.30 & 11.00

Zehnerhaus Bad Radkersburg




Admission free for school classes – the entrance of 5 € per person has very kindly been absorbed by the cities as well as sponsors and partners.


While the programme is intended mainly for young people aged 13 or over, it is available for anyone interested.


Application and information
steirischer herbst / Elke Murlasits

t +43 664 24 500 90


Feature and documentary films are perhaps the central medium for introducing people to a critical discussion about politics, history and art. Sadly, films produced especially for children and young people are rarely seen in mainstream cinema and television. The three festivals steirischer herbst, Diagonale and doxs! and the One World Filmclubs project have therefore joined forces this year for “doxs & shorts – Festival films on tour in Styria” in order to present an overview of their films to a wider public of young people.

In special presentations at selected cinemas in Graz and many other Styrian towns, we are offering an exploration of the contents of our festival productions and the medium of film as a media education programme for schools, afterschool care facilities and interested young people outside the context of school.

After the screenings, there is the possibility to talk to selected directors, actors, cinematographers and protagonists of the documentaries.

Fitting for the subject graphics, German, ethics, geography, history and religion.




presented by Diagonale & One World Filmclubs

How do we communicate when we are no longer able to say anything? When our words, our languages, our systems seem to be incompatible? When all means of communication break down, how can we still get to the point? Exchange and collaborate? What “signs” are translatable, so they do not fail when used in interchange, but tell us something instead?

Programme 13+

Directed by: Kathrin Resetarits (AT) , 1997, 11‘

Der beste Weg
Directed by: Angelika Herta (DE), 2014, 10‘

that has been bothering me the whole time
Directed by: Arash T. Rihahi (AT), 2013, 11‘

Holz einräumen
Directed by: Simon Spitzer (AT), 2014, 17‘




presented by doxs! & One World Filmclubs

If someone builds borders, it’s because they want to protect themselves. But from what? Do borders offer protection from “the others”, or are we not instead creating “the other” by postulating boundaries in the first place? What does migration mean – in social, cultural, historical terms?

Programme 13+

I am Kuba (Mama arbeitet im Westen)
Directed by: Åse Svenheim Drivenes (NO), 2014, 58‘



Culture as a matter of opinion

presented by steirischer herbst & One World Filmclubs

Who or what defines our images of centre and periphery, of Europe and “the rest of the world”? How do the notions of good and evil come about, that separate us from the supposed “others”? “Protecting our values” is a phrase frequently invoked during discussions concerning globalisation and migration. Yet aren’t these “values” also the very reason why and how we see “the others” as different?

Programme 13+

Light Fly, fly high
Regie: Beathe Hofseth (N) Susann Østigaard (IN), 2013, 58‘


Programme 16+

Gabriel Reports on the World Cup (Gabriels Blick auf die WM)
Directed by: Els van Driel (NL), 2014, 17‘

The Other
Directed by: Tracy Moffat (AU), 2009, 7‘

Directed by: Wanuri Kahiu (KE), 2010, 22‘

Jointly curated by steirischer herbst, Diagonale – Festival of Austrian Film and the children’s and young people’s documentary festival doxs!.
With support from One World Film Clubs