House of Open Gates

Narratives from the Arrival City

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Graz / Arrival Zone

Time for a cup of coffee? Tea? For the duration of the festival the Volksgarten Pavilion opens its doors and turns into a place where everyone is welcome, presenting itself as the exemplary heart of the Arrival City of Graz.


Arrival Zone

New Graz

Open Wide


< rotor > centre for contemporary art, not only coined the Annenviertel district’s name, but for years it has also been forging links within and beyond the field of art, by integrating people from a wide range of backgrounds into its programme. In collaboration with steirischer herbst 2016 < rotor > is now expanding its field of work, turning the Volksgarten Pavilion into a “House of Open Gates” where people from all cultures and artistic disciplines can meet to critically discuss existing conditions and conjure up dreams of a life of freedom, justice and solidarity.

The result of a collective process involving artists and people from the neighbourhood, the pavilion is the heart of the Arrival Zone proclaimed by steirischer herbst: A project room for (new) arrivals and long-established residents. Coordinated by Daniela Brasil, the temporary design of the pavilion’s interior offers room to the “Samowar Café” where the elegant teakettle and countless cups of tea invite visitors to engage in a verbal, nonverbal and artistic exchange. This and other events have been organised in collaboration with numerous local organisations and associations. In addition, canapés will be served matching the various projects presented. People fancying a hot meal will be sent out on a culinary tour of the neighbourhood – artists Maryam Mohammadi and Kate Howlett-Jones integrate recipes from women of various backgrounds into the menus of local restaurants and pubs.

Following the “Dance into the Pavilion” on September 25, each week from Thursday to Sunday there will be readings, presentations, games, musical events, workshops and round table talks – always accompanied, of course, by a cup of coffee or tea. You can take a look at the exact timetable here.

With Asib Afzali, Hamid Ahmadi, Abbas al Jumaili, Daniyal Ataii, Mahtab Azimi, Gunda Bachan, Bakaliko, Fateme Bakhtiyari, Aminou Banna, Ute Baurecker & Ulla Klopf, Berki Trio, Markus Boxler, Botanischer Garten Graz, Brauchst Collective, Daniela Brasil, Soraja Butorac, Capperi! il locale, Nayarí Castillo, Irina Cirpaci, Crossroads, Ramiro Da Silva Maia, Daily Rhythms Collective, Darvishi Darvish, Die süße Luise, Die Villa, in der wir wohnen, Endah Ebner, Rosemary Emiohe, Lukas Enzinger, Godswill Eyawo, Forum im Forum, Ronald Frühwirth, GEA, Magdalena Gföllner, Sara González Novi, Daniela Grabovac, GrazMuseum, Can Gülcü, Joachim Hainzl, Mhd Nabil Halawani, Edina Hamzić, Franziska Hartl, heidenspass, Johanna Hierzegger, Severin Hirsch, Katharina Hofmann-Sewera, Kate Howlett-Jones, Dagmar Anna Hödl, Cécile Huber, Mehdi Ibrahimi, Anisa Jafari, Saber Jafari, JUKUS, Lorenz Kabas, KAMA, Irina Karamarkovic, Iris Kastner, Fernanda Krahn-Uribe, Martin Krenn, Kurdistan Informationszentrum, Marleen Leitner, LernKwa.tier / Kunstlabor Graz, Christoph Lösch, Mama Lee, Chris Magerl, Sri Rangan Manickam, Helena Milionis, Maryam Mohammadi, Kamdem Mou Poh á Hom, Abdirashid Mouse Ahmed / Daniel Ulrich, Morag Myerscough & Luke Morgan, Nil – Kunstraum und Café, Wolfgang Oeggl, Osaka Japan-Restaurant, Ali Özbas, Evi Papanagiotou, Keyvan Paydar, Pizzeria Santa Lucia, public works, Ana Radulović & Diegi, Marija Redi, Behnaz Refahbakhsh, Simone Reis, Robert Reithofer, Eva Reithofer-Haidacher, Reyhani GmbH, Samen Köller, Samowar Activity Café, Mário José Santos Soares, Georg Scherrer, Michael Schitnig, Michael Sladek, Sonnenfrosch - das Reformhaus, Annette Sprung, Stadtteilprojekt Annenviertel, Studierende des Institutes für Zeitgenössische Kunst – TU Graz, studio Asynchrome, Studio Magic, Emira Suvalić, Emina Šarić, Škart, Helene Thümmel, Max Tonsern, Jun Yang, YAP – Young Active People, Zebra / Connecting People, Zentralverband der Pensionisten, Moira Zoitl, et al.

The project has been collectively developed by Daniela Brasil, Nayari Castillo, Johanna Hierzegger, Anna Kohlhauser, Anton Lederer, Marleen Leitner, Margarethe Makovec, Maryam Mohammadi, Wolfgang Oeggl, Michael Schitnig, Mário José Santos Soares as well as a large number of other providers of ideas

Commissioned by steirischer herbst
Co-produced by steirischer herbst, < rotor >