Ouzhou Palace

Visual arts / Architecture / Literature

Forum Stadtpark sets out to translate current discussions on Europe into a spatial installation: A palace, open on two sides and consisting of elements and fragments derived from the European dream.


Chinafrika. Under Construction


Culture as a matter of opinion

Talking Art

24/09 – 15/10

Forum Stadtpark

Tue – Sun 11.00 – 17.00

Admission free


Opening Sat 24/09, 17.00


Concept, architecture and photography Marlon Fink aka fontarrian (AT), Bernhard Luthringshausen (AT), Stefan Schmitzer (AT), Lea Schneider (DE), Christoph Szalay (AT), Evelyn Temmel (AT), Clara Wildberger (AT), Tina Bauer (AT), Ruohong Wu (CN), Claudia Gerhäusser (AT/DE)


Performance lectures

Fri 30/09, „When I think of palace, I think of...“ with Chris Szalay

Thu 06/10, 17.00 „When I think of palace...“ with Christoph Szalay and Stefan Schmitzer

Fri 14/10, 17.00 „When I think of palace...“ with Christoph Szalay and Lea Schneider


Talking Art

Sat 15/10, 11.00

Forum Stadtpark

Participation free

Ouzhou is the Chinese word for Europe and a palace is a building that evokes fantasies of spaciousness, abundance and luxury – at all times and in all cultures. “Ouzhou Palace” then, is set somewhere between hall of mirrors, Asian restaurant and European dream.

Claudia Gerhäusser, Bernhard Luthringshausen, Christoph Szalay, Evelyn Temmel and Clara Wildberger work in the fields of architecture, photography, fine art and literature. As part of the “City Hall of Hearts” focus at Forum Stadtpark and in co-operation with steirischer herbst they set out to investigate Europe by focusing on local conditions manifesting the discrepancy between values, ideals and dreams.

Being open on two sides, “Ouzhou Palace” obeys its own spatial logic and seeks to visualise a collective history on the basis of numerous individual elements. Thus the location itself and all the objects, images, opinions and ideas found there, are turned into a new entity in our investigation of Ouzhou, the much longed-for continent.

Co-produced by steirischer herbst, Forum Stadtpark