Big Draw Graz

The big Drawing

Meeting point
Graz / Arrival Zone


Arrival Zone

House of Open Gates

Open Wide

Sat 01/10, 14.00 – 17.00


Admission free

For the third time now steirischer herbst is taking part in Big Draw Graz, inviting people of all ages to give free rein to their creativity. This year’s project “Zeichen setzen” focuses on pictograms, which have always enabled people to communicate across the boundaries of language: Together with artists Ute Baurecker and Ulla Klopf, the aim is to develop picture signs disseminated as very personal messages to other people in the public space in and around the Volksgarten.

With Ute Baurecker (AT), Ulla Klopf (AT)

In collaboration with Kunsthaus Graz, < rotor >